Stanton DeFreitas – Business Consultant Both Internationally and Domestically

To be able to work both domestically and internationally takes a person with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to excel at challenges. The challenges that are common in one country may be totally different for another, so the ability to think quickly and clearly is incredibly important for this type of position. Furthermore, if a business person is to succeed in an environment where the consulting involves transactions between countries, they need to understand fully and clearly the due process for each country. Stanton DeFreitas is just such a business consultant.

Stanton DeFreitas understands that international business is a skill of its own apart from general business consulting. He has learned over the years that international business has different hurdles that do not always come up with domestic business. He has worked hard to navigate the different common policies and customs as well as the different laws that are applicable to each location he does business in. Stanton DeFreitas grew up in Canada, but holds dear to his Caribbean roots. His wide range of cultural understanding at a young age has helped him to better grasp the marrying of different companies internationally. In the position of international business consultant that caters to clients from all over the world, Stanton DeFreitas hopes to help make the world a smaller, more connected place for the clients that he consults for.