Stanton DeFreitas’ global culture appreciation

Stanton DeFreitas is a Candian-born and raised international business consultant and writer who was exposed to diverse cultures from his earliest days. Born of Caribbean heritage to a family in the diverse area of Scarborough in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, DeFreitas immediately emerged within a family of rich culture and a region of many languages, customs, foods and more. And this young man soaked up every ounce of it during his childhood and teenage years, helping him grow into an adult with an open-minded global perspective of society.

Thanks to his personal background and his immensely rich, ethnically diverse environment, Stanton DeFreitas gained a sincere appreciate for global cultures, and ones beyond his backyard. He developed a personal perspective that has applied to his work as a consultant and his work as an author that people are citizens of the world rather than their birthplace and, thus, must grow academically, culturally and spiritually with that in mind.